D. M. Doute Bio

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D. M. Doute Bio

Post by dmdoutefanclub on Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:03 pm

"It all began.." That's how he always starts out, but the story tends to change and evolve bit by bit with each telling. Mr. Doute has been known to enjoy from time time time, "Not so much lie, but perhaps enlarging the circumference of reality a tad now and again." With that in mind as we add to D.M.'s bio we'll endeavor to stick to known provable facts as best we can.

D.M. Doute was born sometime either in the early or mid 1970's a turbulent time in America history where all the drugs that had begun to be used in the previous decade where beginning to show their disasterous effects on the human mental well being with the rise of disco music, bell bottom pants and afro hair cuts. Legend has it Mr. Doute's own father even sported an afro for a short time. "Those were dark times for all of us", D.M. relates, "things happened, people dressed strangely. You never ever really get over it, those memories stay with you, haunting you. Your just pray man learned from his mistakes and that we never, ever forget. Never go back to that."

As the 70's wore on D.M. felt that there were rays of sunshine on the horizon. "Just when we all felt all hope was lost, good things did start to happen Cheryl Tiegs for example, The Dukes of Hazard and so on. Bad things continued to happen, We lost John Wayne in 1979 and no one really knew if we could recover from that, but the American spirit was strong and resilient. And people were ready to push on." Despite a worldwide sense of growing optimism, Mr. Doute's own family was not without its own personal tragedy's in the later 70's. "My youngest sister, was born", he recounted once in an interview. "I don't think a family, any family can really prepare itself for how her birth would affect us. I mean it's not every day that a family adds a member to its ranks who turns out to be the Anti Christ. It was a pretty tough blow for all the rest of us, and I still think it affects my parents today.


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